SEO Can Kiss My Blogging Ass

I have never really understood how SEO works. I know what it does, I have just never come to grips with how to make it work. No matter how many videos I watch, how many plugins I install or how many eBooks & blog posts I read.

To be honest most of what I have watched or read has been nothing but complete and utter tripe, even to someone like me who knows hardly anything about the subject.

I’ve installed the SEO plugins that a lot of the so-called SEO experts ‘in the business’ claim are the best, and I’ve spent hours every day trying to enter the right keywords into these plugins, and yet I receive no obvious benefit from having them.

I receive more traffic by doing the following below:

– Churning out content
– Posting links on Twitter and Facebook
– Blog commenting

So this year I have decided to give SEO the middle finger.

No more will I be writing posts with strategically placed keywords in.

No more will I be thinking for hours about the best title for a post so it will have enough keywords in.

No more will I waste my time reading rubbish SEO articles or watching videos.

No more will I put up with having loads of SEO plugins cluttering up my blog.

I am going to do what I have wanted to do from the start, and that is to continue to write content about subjects and topics that I am interested in.

If I continue to do the three methods that I listed above I believe that I will still receive the kind of traffic (and hopefully a lot more) and will prove that we don’t need to spend so much time on SEO crap.

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