Linkworth Finally Get Their House In Order

If you are a part of Linkworth, and you were due a payment, then you might have noticed that the payments for May 2012 were not sent out as they normally were. The payment was listed as being sent in your account report but the payments never made it to PayPal.

I waited as sometimes PayPal drags it heals when it comes to putting the payments into the accounts but after a week I did start to become concerned as every month I get at least $50 from Linkworth and $50 is $50, I earnt it so I want it.

I contacted them and was told bluntly to read their blog. I didn’t even know they had a blog. I looked on their site and didn’t see one, I had to search Google to find it. There was a post that said there was an unknown delay in payments arriving with PayPal.

Why was there only a blog post about this on a blog that you have to search Google to find? Why did Linkworth not EMAIL their members to inform them of this?

I waited until June 7th and still had not had any news so I emailed them again and while I was waiting for a reply I checked their blog, the post had mysteriously been deleted. I used the cached feature in Google and saw that before they deleted the post they had written an update and stuck it on the end of the original post saying PayPal had not received the money they sent and that it was missing.

Again why was nobody emailed about this? They did not even create a new post to let people know, they just slipped it on the end of an existing post that they then deleted.

About 12 hours after I emailed them I was finally paid.

While I am pleased that they finally sorted the issue out and paid me (and I hope they paid everyone else who passed the $25 pay-out requirement) I do think they could have handled it a lot better when it came to keeping us informed about what was happening.

I’m due another payment on June 10th I hope this is sent out swiftly because two late payments on the trot will ring alarm bells for me.

Do you use Linkworth? Did you get paid for May 2012?

UPDATE: I checked my account today (June 12th) and discovered that my June payment has been pushed back to July. I’m assuming their bank still hasn’t located the missing funds so they are having top push back payments, I hope this is sorted soon.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

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