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How It All Started

The truth is that some of the content that you will read on Make Money Resource has been around on the internet for a good couple of years before I had acquired the Make Money Resource domain name.

Make Money Resource started life as a mere category on my personal blog over at Dean Saliba Dot Com after reading some life changing posts on the blogs of Darren Rowse and John Chow about how they were making money online via blogging – and I wanted to get in on the action.

My personal blog covered pretty much every subject and topic that you would care to think of and my MMO category soon became very popular, so popular that people started to complain because they had come to the blog to read about making money online and did not care to read my personal rants and regular descents into full blown meltdowns.

So in November 2007 I purchased the INeedDiscipline.Com domain from someone on the Digital Point forum. It was a PR3 when I bought it and I mistakenly thought I could make loads of money from just writing sponsored posts with a PR3 domain, of course the PR dropped to zero the moment I acquired it.

I had THREE simple goals when I started INeedDiscipline.Com:

  1. If I found ways to make money then I would share them on the blog for others to take advantage of.
  2. I was going to do this by spending as little money as possible. Hey, I’m in this to make money, right?
  3. I would try and turn this into a full time job.

I ran INeedDisicpline.Com for almost six years, and in that time I made over $23,000 for myself, working less than part time, and managed to help hundreds of people to find legitimate ways to make money online for themselves.

The problem I had with the domain was that it had absolutely nothing to do with the content of the blog …. and it used to belong to a site that sold bondage/kinky high-heeled shoes and boots, which continued to hurt my attempts at SEO and increasing traffic. So I came to a point where I needed to change the domain name of the blog in order for it to progress to the next level.

Make Money Lessons Era

I didn’t want to rush into buying a new domain like I did with INeedDiscipline.com and it took me over a week to find MakeMoneyLessons.com. I felt that MakeMoneyLessons.com was THE perfect domain for what I am now trying to accomplish, which is essentially to teach people how to make money online without being scammed.

Things went from strength to strength and although I didn’t spend as much time as I should have on the blog (I was spending a couple of hours a week writing, if that!) , I still managed to make over $82,000.

By 2018 things had changed dramatically, both in my personal life and in the make money online industry, I could no longer make money writing sponsored posts (one of my main forms of income) and I was finding freelance writing gigs more and more difficult to come across due to the amount of competition. So I allowed the domain name to expire, it was soon picked up by company who specialise in buying up and selling expired domains.

By the time the domain expired again (a couple of months ago – 2020) I was ready to dip my toe back into the MMO water again, but before I could register the domain another domain selling company nipped in and took it. So I had to decide whether I should wait another year for it to expire again, or just bite the bullet and use another name.

Make Money Resource Era

And so begins the journey of Make Money Resource. As this is now what I wish to accomplish – a resource of sites that you can use to make money online with.

About Dean Saliba

My name is Dean Saliba and I’m 42 years of age. I live in Bethnal Green, which is a charming little hamlet in the middle of East London in the United Kingdom. Some of its charms include alfresco drinking, helpful muggers, rough pubs, and TWO bridges named Pigeon Shit Bridge #1 & Pigeon Shit Bridge #2. I am what you would call a traditional cockney. I have lived here my entire life.

I’m a big football fan (not that rubbish American sport with the stolen name) and I support a team called Millwall. I used to play football at non-league, semi-professional and Sunday league levels, but I have now found a love for long distance running.

I have been writing online since early 2001 and I am particularly skilled at writing on a variety of subjects in a clear and concise manner. I can explain complicated subjects in a simple but accurate way that is appropriate to your intended audience.

You can connect with me on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. You can also contact me anytime if you would like to hire me for any writing assignments.

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