SEO Strategies For Brand New Websites

Launching a new website is the perfect time to optimize your chances for SEO success. It’s much easier to do it right the first time than to repair mistakes later. With a new website your company is already one step ahead. Follow these five strategies, and your website could soar to the top of the search engine results listing.

Keyword Research

Do your keyword research and make sure that each page uses several of them. Consider what words people may be using to search for products and services like yours. Start typing them into the Google Chrome search bar and see how the words are auto-completed. The auto-completed words will give you a clue as to what keywords a lot of people are using. Remember not to cram, also called stuffing, all of your keywords onto one page. Search engines will mark a strike against your website, dropping it lower in the listings, if the concentration of keywords is too high.

High Quality Content

Ensure that the written content on each page is high quality. This content should be easily read by most people. Don’t just write for the search engines. As an authority on your subject, your products and services, you should write naturally about them. Keep your focus on the topic of each page and keywords should flow naturally and organically. The more topic centred you stay, the higher your rankings can be. Check your content to make sure it’s easy to read. The average American reads at a 7th or 8th grade reading level. Ensure that your content is tailored to the viewers you wish to visit your website.

Take Advantage of Tags

The “meta” and “title” tags offer excellent opportunities to use keywords. Your title tag should contain the main keyword for your page. The meta tag should use selected keywords and contain a concise description of the content that is on that particular page. The meta tag and description is the one that will be visible in the search engine results page, so make sure that you use targeted keywords and offer a brief summary. Use the headings throughout your web page to insert your secondary keywords. Search engines scan these tags and use the information to help rank your web page.

Build High Quality Links

Search engines look for websites that are linked to other websites with similar topics. Reaching out to friends and thought influencers can be a great way to discover links that you’d like to have on your website. Ensure that you only choose links that are a good match for your website. Also make sure that your friends and influencers link to your site on their web pages. Google considers the ratio of incoming to outgoing links, so try to maintain a balance.

Lastly, Google “submit my site to Google” and follow the directions as listed by Google. Make sure you’re following the instructions that are on Google’s site. With high quality content, a rich link exchange, and targeted keywords and tags you’ll soon see the success of your hard work as your website rises in the search engine results listings. Good luck!

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