Online Marketers Will Have No Difficulty Finding Jobs in 2012

Online marketers should have a much better time finding employment in 2012 than those individuals in other industries. In fact, anyone who specializes in something that is done online or in the tech sector should expect to have an easier time of finding work this year than those in other fields.

There are many things that are contributing to this positive job outlook for online marketers. While many will find themselves unemployed worldwide this year, online marketers have many factors working in their favour to keep them employed in their field. The following are just some of the reasons that online marketer should feel positive about finding employment this year.

More money is going to be spent on online marketing.

Most businesses are increasing their marketing budgets. At the same time, most businesses are also increasing how much money they are going to spend on online marketing while diverting money away from more traditional forms of marketing, like television or radio advertisements. As more money is going toward online marketing, more online marketing will be happening. People will be needed to work on these online marketing efforts, leading to more hiring of regular employees and freelancers to do this work.

More online business are going to be opening up.

New businesses are more often than not turning to the web instead of brick and mortar shops. With less overhead, opening an online business instead of a physical location is particular appealing given the economic conditions. There may be a surge in new online businesses this year with the high unemployment rate, as many folks will decide to take matters into their own hands and create their own jobs. New online businesses will need help with their marketing efforts. This will create plenty of new jobs for online marketers.

More businesses are realizing that they need a web presence.

Believe it or not, there are still many businesses that do not have a website. There are also a lot of businesses that also lack a social media presence. In 2012, more of these businesses are going to get with the times and make sure that they get on the World Wide Web to give their business the best chance of survival in a turbulent economy. These businesses will need online marketers to get this done. They will hire marketing firms, bring on employees to work in house or outsource their online marketing efforts to freelancers. No matter how these firms choose to do it, they will create more work for online marketers.


As more of everything starts happening on the internet, online marketers will become even more in demand. While this will probably mean that more people will look to get into online marketing, existing online marketers with experience and a history of quality work should have no problem finding employment. New opportunities for online marketers will be plentiful in 2012. While many folks will be struggling to find work after becoming unemployed, online marketers will be able to take advantage of all of the new work that the current economic conditions and business trends will create to find new work throughout the year.

Written by Matt Edwards a freelance copy writer who also has many mac cleanup, advertising and marketing ideas.

Image by muneebfarman from Pixabay

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