4 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017

Introducing new business via online channels is an exciting milestone to be obtained in this competitive world of technology.

The business owner will not rely on the time to do the business as such kind of businesses survive in 24×7 environment. Customers can explore the plethora of products to find the best that perfectly suit their needs.

No matter how great product you are selling and you have launched attractive website, it is indispensable to be with Google smartly to run the business. Unless the expected traffic is not found on the web platforms, business has no growth. No traffic means no money

It is significant to do something differently to enjoy enough web traffic, people must have a glance on your products. You must outline why they should choose you instead of other competitors.

It is very challenging to find new audience, new customers. Make sure you deploy innovative tactics for increasing more traffic on your web portal and for increasing Google ranking.

We are introducing some innovative ideas to keep you with Google 2017. In recent years, it has become a tedious job for SEO experts and for the modern marketers to keep fully updated with the changes implemented by the Google. Frequent changes are mandatory to cope up with the rapidly changing Google services, changing marketing conditions along with the changing customers’ demands.

Considering the cracked down on insensitive pop up ads, removed right-side ads mobile search results, of late, Google has started indexing

Various changes have been incorporated in the pages of search engine results, algorithms and in the strategies of customers’ preferences and behaviour.

Google is strictly identifying and tracing the users ‘activities and building the search engine that will react spontaneously on users’ clicks.

It is highly influential for active Google searchers. On an average more than 2 trillion searches are made every year, still it is very complicated task to cope up and to achieve the SEO targets.

4 Ways Marketers Can Strengthen Their SEO Strategy in 2017

Expand the sources of traffic (SEO Strategies of 2017) and enjoy more visits from Google

Business and demands demand structured content approach formulated to have big traffic from different sources. Such innovative approach increases the traffic count and ensures that traffic is not limited to the audience who are looking for your product/brand directly and knowingly.

An emerging content format is video marketing to multiply and expand traffic. Likewise, if an interested video is published on any particular website, then it gets populated on YouTube and then on other Facebook etc. More traffic is brought forward from different sources with the help of influential multi-channel approach. Additionally, the quality and informative content piece must be published on LinkedIn Pulse, medium publications and blogs etc. Regardless of you are using YouTube or guest posts on social media for enjoying more and more traffic and for increasing links from plentiful channels in Google search, tailoring the content to diverse audiences is also relevant where the consumer content is required. Salespersons must engage in innovative approaches for strengthening the SEO.

Diversify your traffic sources to keep earning visits from Google.

There are so many experts who promote and circulate content approach aimed to bring more traffic from different sources.

A highly attractive format to distribute traffic on the website is Video marketing

Video marketing is an engaging content format that can diversify traffic. For example, videos are uploaded on other websites and then get published on YouTube. Similarly, catchy blogs are encapsulated as written content and needs to be published via social media sources like LinkedIn etc. it has become indispensable to tailor the content piece to the audiences so that they can fetch the content easily. There are numerous platforms and resources through which blogs can be published to enjoy more and more traffic continuously.

Keyword targeting approach needed to be advanced

It has become so difficult to generate clicks, however, Google has introduced various new exciting elements SERPs (search engine results pages)

Make an extensive usage of keyword research tools like Hub Spot’s Keywords App and Google AdWords to recognize the conversational keywords, the audiences can use to find any kind of information. Thereafter, on the basis of assumed set of topic clusters, plan a blog post approach to enjoy Google search results’ high rank

Participate in a link building approach for being well balanced.

An essential chunk of the inbound marketing strategy is link building. Inbound links pointing authenticates various phases of the search engine for the engagement of the website.

One should be able to cope up with link goals, metrics to track, tactical initiatives, a strategic approach to achieving them and several elements for successful link building. For displaying the expected results, link building takes huge time. Therefore, it is assumed that a substantial time is needed to cover the gap between time when you jump to conducting and experimenting initiatives and when you enjoy your efforts’ benefits.

Long term investments are always slower for offering the return on the investment and involves huge costs, however, they earn so many links during off hours too.

Such campaigns and strategies primarily comprise of publishing better quality piece of content and encouraging that other available sites will link to the same.

Update Your Site Frequently

It is also recommended to update the website from time to time to do wonders with the help of company’ catchy blogs. Google will notice that you are using an active and dynamic website. It is not mandatory to update the website only when new products are launched. Frequent updates increase the authenticity on Google. It is also recommended to publish blog posts on the latest topics regularly to enjoy company’s trends.

Slow results can be easily obtained via short term hacks very quickly. At times, these tactics can be resulted as spammy. These approaches entail sponsored content and guest posting

There should be a balance between short-term and long-term strategies to ensure the authority of the domain instantly and you can build up your catchy blogs when you are at work.

It is important to devote some time and resources for publishing commanding, as well as wide-ranging content which your audience will like to read and share again and again.

Joe Brown is the Creative Director at Media Junkies, a company that is serving digital marketing and effective lead generation campaigns. He is helping businesses to increase their lead generation by marketing automation campaigns. Joe also has a mission. To bring perspective shattering digital experiences to the masses, to look deep and reflect of what is really important, and not just for the better of your business but creating an everlasting impact on a universal level too.

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