Why I Named My Blog I Need Discipline

I have had a few emails recently asking me why the blog is called I Need Discipline. This is something that I have been meaning to address for a while now, so I shall do it now whilst I am thinking about it. It is pretty simple really. I was sitting in a pub with a friend of mine and we …

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Setting The Record Straight

I get a couple of emails a week from people who contact me via my contact form asking me if I really do make money online via my blog or if I am just making things up to get people to view my blog in some desperate hope that I just might be telling the truth. The truth is if these people …

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AGLOCO – Dead In The Water

It became quite blatant that something was very wrong when AGLOCO did not renew their SSL certificate which is actually not a very expensive thing to do and is an absolute necessity for a company offering money on the internet. John Chow also thought something was a bit fishy because he took the time and effort to contact the owner of …

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