My Plans For The Future

Over the past couple of days I have been incredibly busy working on this blog and the others that I have in my little network. I was struggling to come up with a blog post for this blog, so I thought I’d let you know some of the plans I have for this blog in the not-too-distant future.

Updating Blog Review Network List

Some time last year I published an article on this blog that listed an impressive 19 blog review networks who would pay you to post blog posts. Obviously since it has been almost a year since that article was published the list is now rather outdated. I shall be doing a completely new list at the start of the year.

Within the first week of January I shall publish an updated list with updated amounts that I have earned from each network. Hopefully this will be a regular yearly thing and will continue to be just as popular (if not more so) as the current list we have.

Making Full Use Of The Mailing List

Some eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that there is a new mailing list sign-up box on the sidebar. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while now. The newsletter (mailing list) will be a key part of this blog from now on.

At the moment new sign-ups will get two e-books about affiliate marketing and finding killer AdWords, but I may be adding extra incentives to entice people to join. There will certainly be contests where only people on the list will be able to enter and I’m looking at the possibility of writing special articles just for newsletter subscribers.

Updating the Make Money Page

The Make Money page of the blog has a list of the companies that this blog has used to make money. Some of them have yielded nice amounts and some really small amounts. This needs to be updated as some of them no longer exist and some of them have even turned into scams.

Not sure yet if I will break it down into several pages or just lump everything onto one long page.

Affiliate Market Project

Recently I have started making plans to finally take the plunge into affiliate marketing. I am going to document my progress with random, but regular, updates on this blog. It will contain everything from what niche I’m using to what techniques I’ve tried.

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