Where In The World is Dean Saliba?

Odd title I know. But I am really getting worried. I think Dean may be missing or something happened to him.

Why do you think that?

Well, I sent emails through this blogs contact page. I sent a message to Dean through his Twitter account this morning but there is no response. As far as I know, UK bloggers are active at the time of this post. There is activity on his Twitter account but we all know a Twitter account can be automated, so he doesn’t have to be there to do anything. I saw a post from him on 2 May which would indicate that it was the last time he came into the blog. He also mentions an email he read so we could probably presume that’s the last time he checked in.

Why am I looking for him.

Well, Dean won a competition and the last time we spoke there were still some things we were going to do together. But mostly, I’m just worried about him. He isn’t the kind of person who doesn’t answer comments or respond to emails from his contact page. He is a professional blogger and the only correspondence from him was the automated email I received thanking me for getting in touch with him.

Why am I doing this?

I’ll tell you why. I have been commenting on another blog and he has last posted in early February. A friend of mine told me that I don’t know what happens in people’s lives and therefore shouldn’t judge them. She said this because I was furious that the person started a contest but hasn’t followed through. So I am concerned. Not so much for him, but for Dean. You see, I consider Dean a friend, and we respect each other. Therefore I am worried about him.

I am worried about him because on the platform I started blogging at in 2006, we would find prominent bloggers just disappear into thin air and we thing ‘well, life happens!’ Usually when I quit a blog (and I retired a couple), I usually tell the readers about it. A professional blogger however, would normally announce a hiatus or a sabbatical in a post to let everyone know what’s going on. Thing is, on that platform when people just disappear, we find that some have actually disappeared – like missing persons did disappeared. Other have actually died and no one even knew. Can you see why I am concerned why I haven’t heard from Dean from almost three weeks now?

I know Dean is a busy man, but he’s so proud of this blog and it’s progress, it’s odd that he would just leave it like that. Hopefully I am justy panicking and nothings wrong.

Can you help?

I wonder if you can help me in any way. Perhaps you have;

  • Spoken to him in the last two weeks or so?
  • Seen him somewhere in London in the last two week?
  • Received comments from him on your blog recently?
  • Received correspondence from him on Twitter. This would be a real time response to a Tweet with his Twitter handle.
  • Any kind of SMS or email correspondence in the last week or two.
  • Anybody in London in touch with missing persons?

Please know, this is NOT a joke, sham or marketing ploy. Hopefully Dean reads this post and let’s his friends and fans know he’s okay and just caught up in life.

Ivin Viljoen is a self publishing expert having written his first book in 3 days and publishing it in 2 weeks. He has been blogging since 2006 and launched his self publishing blog in August 2010. Get your free copy of his ‘How to self-publish’ book. He also freelances helping internet marketers compile and publish their free reports.

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