What’s the Difference Between Success and Failure?

Why do some businesses succeed while others fail? What really makes the difference between these companies? This question has been pondered by scholars, business owners and entrepreneurs for decades. While a complete essay on the difference between success and failure can certainly be written, a more concise answer will also encapsulate the crucial difference: flexibility. Flexibility in the business world means being able to adapt to change, pursue alternative financial manoeuvres and not remaining rigid in your ideologies.

What Exactly is Success?

Before examining what makes one company a success and the other a failure, it is worth defining success. This word can mean many different things to different people when it comes to success in their personal lives. However, in the business world, success means one thing – profit. You can consider your business a success when you have been in business for over five years and it is consistently earning a profit. Until this time, your business is not quite a failure, but it is considered growing. Using 1st Commercial Credit to explore alternative lines of credit and financing can greatly enhance your ability to reach the next level.

How to Nurture Success and Avoid failure

Nurturing flexibility is the best way to nurture success. Create a business structure that is capable of meeting the demands of your industry, clients and customers. As you continue to grow, you’ll need to continually look for new opportunities to be flexible. This means allowing and encouraging employees to consider different ways of accomplishing their job responsibilities. It also means exploring alternative methods of financing to remain flexible in the face of adversity. Primarily, you must learn how to increase credit lines by factoring receivables in order to nurture success and flexibility. This new line of credit takes advantage of your past due invoices in order to provide or a source of immediate funding.
Failure is when your doors are closed. You have not failed until the business has ceased to operate.

Until this time, continue to explore ways to increase your exposure to customers, reduce your bottom line and ultimately earn a profit. Once you have been able to earn a profit, you must be able to continually do so. Furthermore, the amount of profit must increase for your business to grow. A dedicated and rigorous advertising effort will ensure that you are constantly receiving new income from new customers. It will also make the most of your current customers, ensuring that they continue to spend money with your company.

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