Want to Stay at Home and Work? Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Have you just had a child, or are you expecting? If this is your first child or your third or fourth, you might be thinking that you want to stay home with your little one. With so much technology, it has become easier for moms to stay at home and work. Here are the best jobs where you can stay home with your children, while still earning an extra income.

1. Running a day care. If you really love children (which you probably do if you are having one(, this is the perfect job for you. You can stay at home all day and watch other kiddies. If you want to find other children to come to this day care, you need to build relationships with other moms. If you have a good sized home and you have lots of ways to entertain lots of children, you should seriously consider starting your own day care. Look into your specific state so you know what the state laws are regarding a day care.

2. Direct selling. If you’ve always been good at convincing other to buy something that they don’t really need, you can think about a career in direct selling. There are many products that you could sell from candles to beauty products. You can sign up with companies such as Mary Kay, Avon, and Scentsy. Because you are the one selling your own goods, you can choose whenever you want to sell. You can host parties on the weekends or even choose to have appointments during the week!

3. Freelancer. If you are a skilled graphic designer, writer, or you are good with media, you can become a freelancer. You can write articles for businesses or help smaller companies make marketing materials. You can set your own hours and you can determine how much work you can take.

4. Blogger. If you enjoy writing and being creative, consider becoming a blogger. You should be a really good writer if you are considering blogging. You want to write things that people will want to read! The way you make money is by offering advertising space for companies that have their target market group of those that read your blog. It will take time and effort to make your blog standout and make you money. Be patient with it!

These are just a few of the many jobs that you can do if you want to stay at home with your children.

Neltje Ann M. is a writer for MyCollegesandCareers.com. My Colleges and Careers can really help you to find the best online colleges to help you achieve your dreams.

Image by Марина Вельможко from Pixabay

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