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One issue that many new businesses and start-ups have, is the location of their office. It can be challenging to find that perfect mix of office space, talent pool, location appeal, and overall living appeal for yourself. On top of that, you need to determine what type of office space to get. Many people opt for the traditional office space route, because it is the traditional thing to do.

However, that has been changing over the past several years. More and more companies are opting for non-traditional workspaces. For example, you’ll see some offices in more industrial or warehouse type spaces. These types of spaces are typically listed at a lower per month price point than a traditional office located in a commercial office building or office park.

Alternately, smaller companies may opt for co-working spaces which is based on a membership fee. Members pay to have unlimited to limited access to the shared co-working space. They may not get a private office, but they will always have a place to work and potential partners working alongside them.

Finally, there are virtual offices which have been gaining in popularity. Virtual offices provide many of the benefits of a traditional office such as the infrastructure needs, the private office spaces, phone systems, and even receptionists. The reason virtual offices have become more popular is there ability to scale and provide a less traditional experience.

If you are still unsure about a non-traditional approach to your office space, check out this success story from Gaikai, a gaming company. Their success was culminated in 2012 when they were acquired by gaming giant, Sony.

The Gaika Story

For the readers, we’ve highlighted the bulk of Gaikai’s journey below. There is also video proof of this success story straight from the mouth of founder David Perry. Gaikai was founded by David Perry. Originally from Ireland, Perry knew that gaming was his calling. According to him, he didn’t really consider any other profession. In order to pursue that dream he moved to England where he believed the gaming industry was exploding. After a stint in England, he realized that in truth, the gaming industry was truly in the United States.

He accepted an offer to work for Virgin, which you may be familiar with due to either Virgin Records or Virgin Airlines. However, Perry’s offer was with their gaming company. This offer allowed him to move to the United States.

The first game he worked on with Virgin Gaming was actually created for another major U.S. company, McDonald’s. Even though the burger company didn’t like the game, it was eventually released. Sega awarded the game with game of the year. After multiple successes, Perry decided to form his own gaming company.

After a few forays into different commercial beach properties for his company in both Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, Perry decided to go a different route. He wanted to create a technology that was server-based as opposed to games. The server-based technology had to do with streaming video games and would essentially do for gaming what video and music streaming had done for those two industries.

The need for intense equipment space and proper server storage was what led Perry to choose a virtual office company called TechSpace. This virtual office understood exactly why Gaikai needed what was essentially a data center; which is what TechSpace offered. They also came with the added bonus of being able to scale his company. So what started out as just Perry in the office, turned into an entire company in that same office. Even after Gaikai was acquired by Sony, they still chose to remain the same virtual office space.


ShowMyPC is a Silicon Valley start-up that offers remote support and meeting services for users. They too opted for a virtual office space and have found success. Using Davinci’s virtual office solutions, ShowMyPC has been able to take advantage of the Live Receptionist Support service.

Due to the nature of ShowMyPC’s business, which involves handling remote support and screen sharing collaboration, having accurate receptionist responses is of the utmost importance. Without a successful receptionist service, ShowMyPC would have to have an internal team operating around the clock, which just isn’t feasible. The virtual office service provides them with a way to help their own customers while managing their own operations efficiently.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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