Two Unique Ways to Get Traffic to a New Blog

Getting traffic to your new blog can be very hard in the beginning. There is tons of expert advice out there that can get you traffic, but many of the stuff that you read on the Internet – although effective – may take some time.

The beauty about driving traffic to your site is that it doesn’t matter if you are selling something like takamine gs330s or books or even if you are just offering offering information – you can still benefit just as highly.

Many Internet marketing tactics take a lot of time to get down pat. You will be doing a lot of learning, before you do any “doing,” and then you will be doing a lot of “doing” before you get anything right, and in that time period you would will getting a lot of things wrong before you get anything right. Before you notice, three months will go by before you even get any ripples of traffic.

One Very Effective Offline Strategy

When I had one of my first blogs, I was almost oblivious to SEO, what it meant, and what it could do for my website. I owned a very simple and new website that revolved around eBay.

I had no idea what Internet marketing was, and the strategies used to gain traffic to my blog entailed. For that reason, one of the first things I did was buy a little sticker to put on my car.

All the sticker was made up of was my domain name. It was right there on the back window, for everyone to see. At this time, I was going to school and was driving around a lot in my Green Ford Explorer, so a lot of people would see my sticker as I was getting on the highway a lot.

I would see comments pop up on my blog all the time about hey “I just saw your car on the expressway and had to stop in to say hi!” They were pretty much the only comments I was getting for a while because my website was so new – but it was really nice to see an old guerrilla strategy pan out.

One Very Effective Online Strategy

When you are first starting out with a blog, it is very hard to get any of your articles to rank well in the SERPs – let alone articles that have a high density of keyword phrases that are highly competitive. For this reason, one of the best things you can do is aim for highly searched for terms, with very low competition.

Wait a second… that sounds somewhat like an oxymoron at first. I mean, isn’t the competition for every keyword phrase with a high search volume already loaded with competition?

There is a specific type of keyword phrase that you can use to get some instant traffic to your blog. This keyword phrase can be called the cross promotional trending phrase. Let me give you an example.

Remember that blog I was talking about – you know the one about eBay. Well one time, and once again this predated before i knew anything about SEO or the ability to hire an SEO company, I wrote an article, right after Michael Jackson died titled “Michael Jackson and eBay.”

All the sudden my traffic skyrocketed for about a week straight before every other eBay blog out there caught on and did the same thing – there SEO was stronger so they outranked me once they caught on. Nevertheless, I obtained a bunch of traffic from these two keyword phrases and was all over the top of the SERPs for the Michael Jackson and eBay combination.

Now would I have gotten these rankings if I just optimized for Michael Jackson or just eBay? The answer is no, but since I put them together and Michael Jackson was trending, I was able to pick up a lot of traffic. This type of cross promotion can be very useful towards your blog. You can gain all sorts of new users and readers from this type of blog post. All you have to do is keep a keen eye out for trending topics and figure out a way to make them relevant to your blog.

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