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On every blog a post takes different life forms and structures. To keep your blog fresh and exciting, you should post content often. And not just normal content, but useful, pillar content on which you can build a successful blog. As every blog has a different personality and look, some things remain consistent, and those are the five post structures that attract traffic and build your expertise.

Your motivation to blog may be to make money from your blog itself or to drive traffic to an affiliate program. However it may be, using one of these five post structures will help you succeed.

1. Review blog posts.

Reviewing other products/sites/blogs can assist you to monetize your blogging efforts. As you post the review and may include an affiliate link from which you could make commissions. In a review post you should be true to yourself, give an honest opinion and provide positive and negative points of the product you’re reviewing. A balanced opinion is advisable, even if you sway to either absolutely loving or loathing it. This way your audience will appreciate you being honest and probably trust your recommendation.

2. Quick tips.

These may be very short, in between posts usually between 100 and 250 words. If it’s just a great bit of information you don’t have to write a full blog post. Focus your tip on one key area or niche. I.e. ‘How to cook pasta el dente’ for a cooking blog.

3. Lists.

Lists are very useful to readers of all kind. Using this strategy will point you into a professional direction. List articles are easy to scan which mean more people will subscribe to your blog feed. Not a lot of people have time to read lengthy posts; this fact has led me to re-evaluate my approach to writing on my blog. Instead of writing a short story: I should write bite size chunks of information. Lengthy post could perhaps be broken down into tow or three posts with lists in them to make it more digestible for the reader. E.g. Top 5 traffic driving methods’.

4. Interviews.

This is my personal favourite, as every interviewee has a original story applicable to your niche. They provide a different outlook and great teaching points. An interview doesn’t necessarily have to point out success but look at failures and why they occurred. This will help your readers not to make the same mistakes. This kind of post could be done in a written format or even as a podcast. It’s also a great traffic booster as it’s quite likely that the person you’re interviewing will send his readers to your interview post.

5. How to posts.

Being the same in structure than quick tips, ‘how-to’ posts provide value to readers. Instead of just headings, this kind goes into slightly more detail. This kind of post could also be spread throughout three different posts covering different aspects of as topic in the interest of brevity. For ideas,  visit forums or discussion groups in your niche and try answer some of the questions in your posts. To find these interactive groups simply Google ‘niche + forum’ or ‘niche + discussion groups’.

Ivin Viljoen is a self publishing expert having written his first book in 3 days and publishing it in 2 weeks. He has been blogging since 2006 and launched his self publishing blog in August 2010. Get your free copy of his ‘How to self-publish’ book. He also freelances helping internet marketers compile and publish their free reports.

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