The Truth About Freelancing

The idea of freelancing can be somewhat romantic. Securing work that you enjoy when you need it, and turning down things that won’t interest you. The very thought of setting your own hours is enough to send shivers down an office-workers spine. Yet it can be difficult to find honest information about freelancing, and this can make it hard to decide if it’s even something worth looking into. So what is the truth about freelancing, and what is it all about?

What Is Freelancing?

A freelancer is someone who works independent of one single boss or manager. A freelancer instead employs a number of managers, sometimes all at once, and takes work at their own pace. A freelancer is able to offer one or more services for a fee to numerous people or companies.

What Benefit Does Freelancing Offer?

Freelancing Is useful for skilled labourers or other workers who need income generated on their own terms. The ability to freelance is no different than “picking up odd jobs”, except to say that a freelancer will generally only pick up one type of job repeatedly. Because you are not bound by a freelance job to be in the same place day in and out, it can provide more mental stimulation and job satisfaction for people who desire a change of scenery. Freelancing can also grant the opposite effect and allow people to work from home. If you were unable to work at your nine to five employment position because you were laid off or injured on personal time, freelancing could grant you the ability to stay on your feet professionally and financially.

What Doesn’t Freelancing Offer?

One aspect of freelancing that doesn’t suit everyone is a need to be self-motivated. Freelancers need a certain amount of organization and self discipline. They also need to be able to manage their time. Freelancing does not offer you a sense of job security, or a feeling of stability; it may be hectic at one time and a struggle to find work shortly thereafter. As a freelancer, you will not receive medical insurance coverage, and are therefore responsible for researching and buying your own insurance plans. The same can be said for business insurance, which you will want to purchase as a protective measure.

Freelancing work isn’t right for everyone, but for some people with marketable skills freelancing is a viable employment option.

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