The Benefits And Elements Of Field Marketing

How many times have you ventured into a supermarket and been approached with a friendly smile, welcoming you to enjoy and sample the delights of a drink or food? Have you been tempted to try it? If the answer is yes, that means you have experienced a perfect example of field marketing.

What is field marketing?

It is the process of hiring trained and skilled staff to promote a product on site. The strategy can comprise of a number of marketing techniques, from people distributing leaflets, auditing, selling or sampling promotions. We shall discuss those elements further on.

By creating a friendly persona, the customer will feel more connected to the product and your band. It can benefit by building a long lasting relationship through face to face interaction. Field marketing is a commonly used tactic to building brand awareness with the customer. These techniques, through highly effective skilled persons, can give customers an incentive to purchase your product or hire your services.

Mystery shoppers can increase sales by ensuring retailers comply and conform to display, advertising and sales practices. The audit can highlight the areas that need improving which can then be acted upon. Through field research, data gathered can provide valuable insights into a customer’s opinion regarding your product.

Elements of field marketing

As discussed above, there are many aspects and techniques when it comes to field marketing, depending on your marketing strategy you may employ one of them. Here is a brief selection;

– Direct Sales

This involves using a well-trained brand ambassador to promote and invite customer to purchase your product or services. It can be done within a shopping centre with a professional looking display. It can be a complex strategy, especially if you choose to sell products or services to businesses door to door. If done properly, however, it can yield great results.

– Sampling and active demonstration

Similar to direct sales, you are promoting the product through enticing the customer and inviting them to see the key unique selling points. Like the direct sales, this can be a successful through a highly effective team. This can be done with food, or a demonstration of a new washing machine or powder.

– Merchandising

This method consists of arranging stock in store to create an attractive display that will entice the customer to buy the product. This includes the amount of stock, if they are facing the customer and position within the store. Using a planogram, a field marketer can indicate to a company where the products should be placed in store, assist with supporting products with suitable pricing and branded point of sales materials. They can also train staff and advise them on how to promote the product themselves and understanding.

In conclusion, field marketing can be effective strategy if executed properly. There are more techniques than the ones mentioned above and with a successful campaign, can reveal the ones that can benefit your company more. The data received from such campaigns will provide you with the information needed to further advance your sales. Contacting a professional promotional logistics company can help your business reach its full potential.

Harry Price is a free-lance writer who specializes in guest blogging. He plays competitive poker with his mates on the weekends and volunteers with local charities

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