Text Link Ads Ban Me Because Apparently I’m A Thief

I have been using Text Link Ads for a couple of years now and never really had any problems with them, they were paying me a regular income every month, it wasn’t much but it was regular and steady.

Today I received an email from them telling me that I had been unceremoniously kicked out of the network because my blog had fallen below their strict guidelines. I was given the reasons in the email:

– The website is submitting to many posts in a day.
– The website is not posting unique content.

OK, let me take this slowly.

The website is submitting to many posts in a day – During the month of October I published a grand total of eleven posts on this blog, apparently that was too much for them. Which I find odd as some of their bigger names (John Chow for one) publish at least three a day.

The website is not posting unique content – This means I have been posting content from other blogs and sites. Anyone who reads this blog will tell you that I have never nicked content from another blog, I take pride in writing my own stuff.

So until I get my act together I have been banned. I’ve sent them an email asking for proof that I have been stealing content, and passing it off as my own, but I am not holding my breath or a response from them.

Image by Ichigo121212 from Pixabay

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