Sunday Ramblings #3

I apologise for this being a couple of hours late, I’ve just got in from playing in my first competitive football match in months. I played in goal and only let in two goals, just in case you was wondering.

Updating comments

I have always encouraged people to comment on this blog. In order to entice you further I took the plunge over 2 years ago and turned this blog into a do-follow one. This meant you were rewarded with a back-link for leaving a comment.

Sadly this brings out the spammers in force. I have been forced to do something that I really did not want to do. I have put a requirement on the amount of comments you must drop in order for your links to be do-follow.

From now on you must leave two comments and then from there your links will become do-follow. This means if you are a spammer and only leave one comment (as most of them do) then it will be classed as no-follow until I find it and delete it.

To make it easier for you the total amount of comments you have left will appear next to your name when you leave a comment. You know, just in case you had trouble counting up to two.

Listening To The Feedback

On Wednesday I published a post asking the question How Can I Improve This Blog? I was met with some very good (and some rather horrible) replies, both via the comments section and by the contact form.

One that stuck out was from a person called Alex Whalley. He suggested that I sort out the Google Adsense ads because sometimes the units were showing flashing images that were not only horrible to look at but were slowing down the blog.

I thought this was a good idea and after doing the change I have noticed a slight increase in loading time on not just this blog but my personal blog as well. I will be looking to do this with the Adbrite ads in the next couple of days or so.

Blog Posts That Have Caught My Eye This Week

The excellent Cafeblogger has the answer for those of you who would like to Display Post Thumbnail In Your RSS Feed.

Have Your Blog Set Up For Free! (Limited Time Deal)

If you are looking to set up your own WordPress blog, but are not sure how to do it, then I have some good news. Udegbunam Chukwudi from StricklyOnlineBiz has recently launched a WordPress installation service and for a limited time he is offering to set up a blog for five people for free!

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

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