Sponsored Reviews Suspend My Account for Failing to Guess the Problem

I received an email a couple of days ago from Sponsored Reviews informing me that the links in an article I had written were not displaying as the advertiser had requested and could I please make the correct edits.

I checked the article and was rather puzzled as the links where displaying as they should and were pointing to the correct URLs, I put the links in bold so that Sponsored Reviews could see the links and told them to check again.

They replied by saying that I had not fixed the problem.

I replied to them and asked if they could tell me what was wrong so that I could fix the problem and their response was to tell me again that I had not fixed the problem. I ended up sending them FOUR more emails asking them to explain what was wrong but each time they refused.

How am I supposed to know what is wrong if you don’t tell me?

I have checked the article several times and the links are displaying as they should and I have even asked friends to check and they have reported that the links are displaying correctly. I have also checked the article in Internet Explorer, FireFox and Google Chrome.

This morning they ‘lost patience with me’ and suspended my account until January 27th 2014.

Are you kidding me?!

First they sneakily increase how much they take from bloggers from 35% to 50%, then they keep deleting my blogs because their system keeps malfunctioning, and now they suspend me because there is a problem and I have to GUESS what the problem is.

UPDATE: Since this post was published I have been able to ascertain why I was suspended. It turns out Sponsored Reviews’ automated script, that scans blogs for links and posts, had missed my links repeatedly. After showing them this post and pointing out that maybe they should check the post themselves the ban was lifted.

No apology though.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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