SkyCPM Dead & Buried?

I joined Sky CPM about two months ago and I must admit that when I first joined this network I was feeling very pleased at the kind of results I was getting. OK, they were not making huge sums of money for me, but they were easily out performing Adsdaq, Smowtion and Underdog combined.

Sadly, as with many such networks, this did not last.

I soon noticed that my income was not going up at all, not even a cent.

I did not worry about it and continued to serve their ads, but then I was checking one day and saw the following announcement on the control panel:


We are not sure, If SkyCPM will even return back, payments will be paid as soon as possible. We will try to solve the situation and choose the best way.

There was no email informing any members of this, which I found very unprofessional.

That message has been there for the past month or so and nobody’s income is going up, so I think we can petty much come the conclusion that SkyCPM is dead and buried.

Their tag line is : – Welcome in CPM heaven.

The people who created this have no idea how fitting that tag line really would be.

Image by Patricia Alexandre from Pixabay

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