September 2009 Blog Income Report

I haven’t been updating as often as I had promised, this is due to some personal problems that I have been suffering from. I’m not going to post about them on this blog, they are quite openly talked about on my personal blog over at Dean Saliba Dot Com if you’re interested.

I started this as a little side project in November 2007 to determine if it was at all possible to earn proper money on the internet as many other people have claimed to have done before me.

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

The amount of traffic took a bit of a dive possibly due to the fact that I have no updated as often as I should. That is what I expected, after all if you don’t produce new content then people won’t come back.

The unique visitor count for August stands at 263, which is down 68 on the month of August.

Google reported that the number of page views for August was 452, which is a decrease of 55 from August.

This means that each unique visitor looked at 1.72 pages.

Google’s search engine accounted for 34.60% of my traffic.

Money Money Money!

Adbrite = $0.32 (+$0.11)
Adsense = $5.42 (-$2.83)
Adtoll = $0.21 (-$0.35)
Bidvertiser = $0.00 (-$0.14)
Clicksor = $0.12 (-$0.15)
Kontera = $0.05 (+$0.01)
Reviews = $42.50 (+$14.25)
Smowtion = $0.44 (+$0.17)
Social Spark = $19.06 (+$11.85)
TLA = $17.67 ($0.00)

Total = $85.79 (+$22.36)

I am not happy with Bidvertiser, I will give them one more month to redeem themselves before removing them from all my blogs. I am not happy with the fact that they pick and choose which clicks they honour, none of the others (Clicksor, Adbrite, Adsense, etc) are doing this.

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find my blog on search engines.

1. specticles
2. pay me to blog about you
3. i need discipline
4. “blog review networks”
5. sep 212009 stock pick

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