RichPTC are a Scam & are Still Peddling Their Service to the Naive

Just over two years ago I wrote about a PTC network that I was testing out called RichPTC, they claimed that they would pay you $1 to view an advert and $10 for every offer that you completed. It sounds very tempting and much more rewarding than the other ones offering $0.01 at the most.

At the time of writing the article I said that I believed the network to be a scam and had gone into it not expecting to earn anywhere near the $1 per advert mark that it boasted. My initial scepticism was correct as I never received a penny from them and now (some two years on) people are just now realising that it is a scam and are labelling it as such.

To be honest I am surprised people have taken so long in realising this, they boast of paying $1 per advert view yet they charge their advertisers $3 per 1000 views? Where is the excess money going to come from to pay the people looking at the ads? If they did pay-out they would be bankrupt pretty fast.

The reason I thought of this site again is because I received an email from them this morning boasting about their new improvements to their network, including more payout days!

Here are some reasons why it is labelled a scam:

  • They don’t pay anything out, not $1000, not $100, not $10, not even $1. Pretty obvious sign of a scammer.
  • The domain name has been protected so you can’t see who owns it, what have they got to hide if they are not scamming people?
  • Michael Pratt either owns the site or did own the site but sold it, he has a long reputation for being involved with the running of scam PTC and GPT networks, over 20 at the last count.
  • They released fake payment proofs to try and fool people, only problem is the people who have their names on these checks have not only not been paid but they had NEVER even joined RichPTC.

It is rather sad that these people are allowed to get away with this kind of thing and prey on the naive and greedy who are so desperate to make money online these days that they will believe anything people tell them.

If you do decide to join a PTC network then my advice would be to do some research first because otherwise you will just be wasting your own time if you join a network and then discover it is a scam.

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