Results Of My PTC Advertising Campaign

Yesterday I decided to conduct a small advertising test. I have tried my hand at advertising before when I took out an advertising account with Google Adwords, I got my fingers severely burnt and ended up losing over $100 because I did not set a click limit and I neglected to tell Google when to stop.

That was over two years ago and I have been rather reluctant to get into it again in a hurry.

So I decided to start small.

I was idly surfing one of the many PTC web sites that I use when I thought to myself just how much these guys would charge to advertise. I had a look on a rather popular one and was quite amazed at their offer.

I could easily afford one of their deals and all it would cost me was around the price of a pint of beer.

So I purchased 25,000 text ad impressions for $2.50.

My advert would appear with around fours others on the right hand side of every page

I told a couple of people online about my decision and was royally ridiculed by every one of them for even thinking about believing that this would be anything but a complete and utter failure.

It took less than 24 hours for the campaign to come to an end. Below are the stats so that you can all judge for yourself.

Amount of Impressions: = 25,000
Clicks Received: = 30
Percentage: = 0.12%

So was it a success or an enormous failure? In my view it was not a success and could be counted as a failure. My initial thought of “people only go there to click on links to make money” seems to have been proven correct.

At the start of next month I shall be looking at the possibility of maybe taking out a second campaign but this time do clicks instead of impressions.

Hey, what kind of person would I be if I only published my successes? That’s right, not an honest one.

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