Random Sunday Ramblings #1

This is something that I have never attempted to do before, but something that I have always wanted to try my hand at. A weekly post where I just give various thoughts about random things that pop into my head that are related to the MMO industry.

Is Following Everyone Who Follows You On Twitter A Good Idea?

Back when I first decided to create an account to try and make money on Twitter (and use it to promote my blog) I thought that doing the “you follow me and I’ll follow you” approach would be a great way of gaining followers.

To be honest I think that it has worked because I now have over 2,900 followers and that amount is growing every single day without fail. And I am making a small amount of money with Twitter and gaining a ton of traffic from it. All for free.

The downside is that I now have over 3,000 people that I am following and I no longer try and read the public time line because there is just so many tweets to keep up with.

If I go through the following list and just delete ones that I’m not interested in reading I’d probably be left with about 10 people and would probably see my follower list tumble like a fat guy down a steep hill.

Make Sense When You Cold Call Email Me

I received an email on Thursday from a guy who basically wanted me to do some article exchanges with him. I’m guessing the premise of this was that he writes some unique articles for my blog and I do the same in return for his blog.

I say “guessing” because there was one major problem with the email – the entire thing was written in French. My blog is solely in English so I think it is safe to assume English is my main language.

Take this as a hint people. If you are going to email someone out of the blue make sure you know what language they speak.

Retweeting My Old Posts

I made a decision last week that I was going to install a plugin that would retweet my old posts randomly on Twitter. I wasn’t sure how often to have it retweet a random post, as I don’t want to irritate people.

I came to the conclusion to set it to one retweet every hour. I will keep it as this until the end of the month and then I will have a rethink about making it every two hours or every four hours.

I am really pleased that I did this though as I have seen some nice traffic from Twitter, more comments on the old posts and I have actually written some decent articles which are being given a bit more exposure.

Well that is about it for this week. Hopefully I’ll do a longer one next time.

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