November 2014 Blog Income Report

Every month since November 2007 I have written an income report which documents all the methods I have used to make money over the past month, I do this because I want to help people to make money online like I do, and believe that showing people what I earn is the best way to get them interested and inspired to try it themselves. Unlike other blogs I will list EVERY method that pays me, whether it is big Bucks or only a couple of Cents.

When I first started this I made just over $5 in my first month, now although I don’t put in as many hours as I should I am making $100s in what could be considered “spare time”.

Visitor Count & Page Impressions

The unique visitor count for November stands at 376, which is a nice small increase of 64 from the month of October.

The page impression count for November stands at 1,190, which sees a nice increase of 197 from the month of October.

– Due to being very busy with Christmas, and other projects, I did absolutely NOTHING with the blog – which is why you will notice that I have published this over a month late. 2015 is make or break for me with my online earnings – either I knuckle down and put in the hours or I give up and get a proper job.

Show Me The Money!

Advertising = $11.03 (-$72.47)
Fidelity Media (AdJuggler) = $0.09 (-$0.02)
Forum Posting = $0.00 (+/-$0.00)
Freelance Writing = $631.05 (-$32.21)
Paid Guest Posts = $20.00 (-$20.00)
Passive Income = $0.00 (-$2.08)
Sponsored Posts = $38.90 (-$106.10)
Sponsored Social Media Posts = $0.50 (-$1.00)
Yahoo Bing Network = $0.45 (+$0.45)

Total = $702.02 (-$233.43)

– I didn’t do much with the forum posting gig so I didn’t bother cashing out the small amount I’ve earnt.

Top Five Search Term

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find this blog on search engines.

1. lessons in making money
2. make money olne
3. make money online
4. what really makes a difference between success and failure

– Because over 80% of the keywords results were (Not Provided) or (Not Set) it was difficult to find FIVE keywords this month.

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5 Top Site Referrals

The top five sites that sent the most visitors to this blog.



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