November 2007 Blog Income Report

I started a project, a study if you will, to determine if it was really possible to earn an income from the internet by simply doing something that is A) legal and B) does not require a lot of financial investment.

People such as John Chow, Shoemoney, etc, today earn a nice income on the internet but they did not do it from scratch, they already had a HUGE following when they decided to start. I am doing this with no fanbase at all.

So what is this blog going to be about?

Well I love writing so there will be a lot of ramblings on the blog but there will also be posts about how to earn an income on the internet, these will be avenues that I will personally use and then write about my experiences with them.

Every month I shall freely document the stats for the previous month this will be not only income amounts but also impression stats.

Adbrite: $0.05
Clicksor: $0.41
Google Adsense: $0.21
Private Ad Sales: $4.00

Total: $4.67

On first view the monthly total does not look very good but when you consider the following:

– That was my first month.
– I had to start from scratch.
– I did almost no promoting or advertising.
– I only started about 15 days ago.

I still managed to make a profit of $4.67 as I spent no money on advertising. The monthly page views stands at 612. I shall be installing a more detailed counter stat script sometime today.

Monthly Hits: 612
Alexa: 8,222,350
Technorati: 4,446,976
RSS Readers: 7

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