Need a Place for Your Article? How to Find Websites That Allow Guest Posts

You know the feeling—you write a great piece of content, you know it has the potential for a bunch of social shares, and you know an editor is going to love it. All writers love when this happens, but there is nothing like having nowhere to place this article to kill your spirit. Unfortunately, this is actually a very common occurrence in the world of freelance writing. It can be tough to blindly search the Internet for blogs that accept guest posts, so sometimes finding a home for an article becomes more stressful than exciting.

If you’re finding that you can’t seem to connect with the right type of blogs, don’t sweat it. It takes a while to really get a feel for the blogging world, and once you form a few connections and understand how to find great sites that accept guest posts, it will play out like a domino effect. Consider some of the ways you can tip that first domino:

Top 3 Ways to Finding Sites That Allow Guest Posts

1. Blog Rolls – This is my favourite way to find a place to guest post. A blog roll is a list of blogs that another blog enjoys, and more often than not these blogs allow guest posts. They are generally similar in nature to the blog where the blog roll appears, so it’s a quick and easy way of finding new places to write that are in your niche.

2. Google Alerts – This is not the easiest way to find high quality sites, but it is easy and can absolutely turn up a few sites. I have set up Google alerts for terms such as “guest contributor” and “guest post” to see where new guest posts have been posted. Although many of these are not in my niche, it is an extremely easy way to get good sites right in your inbox; even if it is only every once-and-a-while.

3. Twitter – I find a good majority of the sites I write for on Twitter. This works great because you are typically connecting with people in your niche, these people often have a company or personal blog, and they are interested in you and what you have to say. This makes for the perfect guest posting recipe. Each time I connect with someone I check out his/her website, and I also always check out the Twitter accounts of the “You might also want to follow” people that pop up when I connect with someone. Below is a screenshot of what this looks like:

It is important to remember that it will take time before you know where to look to find places to guest post. I recommend trying to find the website before writing an article so that you can tailor your article exactly to the needs of that website. This will make it easier to find a website that works for you because you won’t have an article that you have to try and “fit” somewhere.

How do you find sites that allow guest posts? Do you find that any of your strategies work better than some of the ones discussed above?

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