May 2008 Blog Income Report

This is one Monthly Blog Report that I was not looking forward to writing and posting on the blog. I had many problems this month, a number of my avenues did not offer me any work until very late into the month, so late in fact that I could not add them to this month’s total.

My dad has come out of hospital and is now at home and has been demanding that I tend to his every single need and I have a new puppy that needs a lot of care and attention.

But anyway on we go.

I started this as a project to see if it really was possible to make money on the internet from blogging. I started this in November 2007 and I earned a mere $4.67 in the last two weeks of that month.

Thankfully since that month I have seen the blog come on in leaps and bounds. Remember I spend no money on this blog so everything I earn is 100% profit.

Expanding With Other Blogs

Just a reminder that in March I opened up two new blogs Wrestling Gazette and I Need Discipline so from now on all amounts from the three blogs will be added as one singe amount via this blog.

The I Need Discipline is actually where all my posts about making money are located so if you want to know how to earn money online that is the blog you should be checking out.

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

Page Views

Page views from April were slightly down which really upset me as March saw the highest ever. I was hoping that this month I could get back on track and I am happy to say that I have done more than that.

This month the total stands at 25,665 which is a huge increase from April of 8,051! This is highest in our history!

Unique Visitors

Page views were not the only thing to see a big rise this past month, the amount of visitors to the blog has increased in the same fashion.

This month the total stands at 15,473 which is a increase from April of 5098! Again our highest ever.

Number Crunching

I gave the blog a big redesign and I soon found that the new layout appeals to Adsense and Adbrite as I saw my CTR go through the roof! Sadly my review earnings are way down.

Adbrite: $0.81 (+$0.56)
Adsense: $12.31 (+$11.01)
Clicksor: $1.35 (-$48.65)
Reviews: $114.50 (-$132.56)

Total: $128.97

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find my blog on search engines.

1. hot g vibe
2. Oasis Payday Loans
3. oasis payday my account
4. hot g
5. What does the queen do

My personal favourite search term this month has to be from Google “bumhole clothing inc”. This search term found my site top of the pile.

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