March 2009 Blog Income Report

I’m afraid I have been caught slacking somewhat this month, I had a few personal problems that I needed to deal with which meant that my mind was anywhere but on this blog and making money.

I started this as a little side project in November 2007 to determine if it was at all possible to earn proper money on the internet as many other people have claimed to have done before me.

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

Page Views

During the month of February I saw what I thought would be my highest amount of page views for a while. But I was wrong because I went and beat that record by a good 3,000. I’m not sure I can explain it as I have not done any advertising or promoting during the month of March.

This month the number stands at 26,898 which is a nice increase of 3.921 from February.

Unique Visitors

It will not come as any shock to find out that the unique hits rose nicely as well by about 2,000. Again this is slightly puzzling taking into account the lack of promoting, but I’m not moaning in the slightest. :)

This month the number stands at 22,895 which is again a nice increase of 2,415 from March.

Money Money Money

Adbrite = $0.78 (-$0.66)
Adsense = $5.81 (+$1.12)
AdToll = $0.72 (+$0.64)
CeoAds = $0.10 (-$0.36)
Clicksor = $0.13 (+$0.10)
Kontera = $0.15 (+$0.15)
Neoffic = $0.03 (NEW)
Reviews = $102.75 (-$0.25)
TLA = $8.25 (-$3.50)

Total: $118.73 (-$15.18)

* I have been using some new advertising networks, Neoffic do not seem to show ads in Firefox which is a popular browser for visitors to my blog so they might not be here that long.

* I did not do any form filling this month.

* I am slowly removing CEOads from my blogs as they promote spyware and malware.

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find my blog on search engines.

1. review networks
2. specticles
3. jokeroo hijack
4. gpt do offers approve on weekends
5. ceoads

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