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Using Google Adwords is clearly about trying to make money from advertising. However many people end up losing money on campaigns, particularly on early campaigns, and this can sour people to the idea of pay-per-click advertising. They then focus on building up good natural search results. But this can be a waste, as managing a Google Adwords account successfully can turn a relatively small amount of money into customers who will return again and again.

The first option one can turn to is to make money from Google Adwords is by employing a Google Adwords management company who can manage the whole affair for one. This can be a win-win situation as they will setup the account in a profitable way, and can even offer guarantees on the amount of traffic you will receive. It can be up to you to turn that traffic into sales, but the management company will usually also be able to make suggestions to how your website can be improved.  Remember that getting customers to your website is simply one part of the puzzle; to turn them into customers is another ballgame.

A second option is to have Google Adwords as the primary source of visitors to one’s site. This works well when one is budgeting – if you know that 20% of customers will come to your site having spend 100 pounds on a campaign, you will be able to visualize how much profit you can convert. It makes it into a very precise campaign that works for products that people are likely to purchase rather quickly. For something that requires more of a relationship and trust to be built, organic search results can help. However remember that if you have a type of product or service where you need to build a personal relationship, a phone number of an interested customer can be gained from a pay-per-click campaign.

The downside of putting all one’s eggs into the Adwords basket is that once one stops paying for the advertisements, then one has very little organic search traffic coming to one’s site.  Therefore many use Adwords as a part of their campaign, maybe between 20%-40% of overall advertising budget. The profits one receives from the Adwords campaign can be used to build up a stronger organic search position through the use of link building, and the information gained from the Adwords campaign regarding what works and what doesn’t can be invaluable.

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