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Do you know that you can make money by trading the commodities you use every day? Trading commodities online is one of the main foundations of the global trading system, and with some knowledge of the issues that surround agricultural commodities and an understanding of how the mechanics of trading works, you too can make money this way! While there are many kinds of commodities traded online, ranging from precious metals to newer commodities like certain plastics, this article will provide you with some of the information you’ll need to know if you’re interested in narrowing your focus to trading agricultural commodities.

What is Online Commodity Trading?

Very simply, online commodity trading is when physical goods are bought and sold. Physical goods are exchanged by the decisions you make online. This whole process of commodity trading began with farmers who would trade their wheat and corn in centralized markets. In the 1800s, the demand for buyer security and contracts grew, which is how the commodity trading of today began. The trading of agricultural commodities makes up the largest classification of commodity exchanges, giving you a lot of options when it comes to making a trade!

How Does the Trading of Commodities Work?

Agricultural commodities are sold to their minimum quantity and quality, which is set by exchange regulators. Exchange regulators control the buying and selling of commodities, as it helps promote fair trade practices and sets limits of certain commodities. Just like most online trading markets, the prices of agricultural commodities do not remain stagnant. Prices of different commodities change day to day and depend on variables such as the weather, other environmental factors that affect agricultural commodities and international policies.

What Agricultural Commodities Can I Trade?

The trading of agricultural commodities includes all primary products, or products that have undergone minimal processing. Soft agricultural commodities are all products that are grown, but animal products are also agricultural commodities that can be traded. If the trading of agricultural commodities interests you, consider trading grain products. This is an extensive category that includes wheat, corn, barley, rough rice and soy. Other categories that fall under agricultural commodities include dairy, lumber and soft commodities, which include products such as coffee, sugar and cocoa. The trading of animal commodities is interesting, as it is not only the trading of live animals, but also the trading of meat that has undergone minimal processing. While lean hogs, live cattle and feeder cattle are all animal commodities traded mostly by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the trading of frozen pork belly is relatively new. Be aware that some agricultural products are banned from being traded in some countries.

The trading of agricultural commodities online is great because the outcome of your trade is instantaneous, and your trading account online will provide you with everything you need: news, data charts and graphs. The commission associated with this type of trading is also lower than other online trading markets. However, trading agricultural commodities does require that you maintain a disciplined mentality. As with gambling, don’t over-trade and have a structured trading plan that you’ll stick to. This way you’re sure to make money and enjoy learning about this market at the same time.

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