LoudLaunch Closes Its Doors Rather Quietly

LoudLaunch is a sponsored post network that I have not really talked much about on this blog because I only really used them a few times in the first year that they were in operation and then did not receive any more offers so they drifted to the bottom of my pile.

That was until about three months ago when they re-branded themselves and started sending me a lot of offers, most of them did not fit the kind of topics I wish to cover on this blog – and the ones that did fit this blog only paid $10.

Although I hadn’t used them a lot I was still rather surprised to receive an email from them announcing their decision to close down:

To our bloggers,

Over the past 2 1/2 years LoudLaunch has tried to provide our clients with high quality links to help them be recognized in search engine results. We have been able to do this through the high quality of your blogs. You have always been easy to work with and accommodating even during difficult times.

As you are aware, Google recently implemented the new Panda algorithm revisions, effective immediately. For LoudLaunch, these new Google rules require significant changes, not only in our platform but in our brand as well.

As a result, the difficult decision has been made to close down LoudLaunch permanently. This is not a decision that was made lightly, but we can no longer provide a link building service that puts clients and their sites at risk. As of June 15th, LoudLaunch.com will close.

As far as I am aware this is the first sponsored post network that had decided to close as a direct result of the Google updates.

If LoudLaunch owe you any money then you might have to wait a bit to be paid as apparently they have had to stop paying their staff in a bid to try and pay more bloggers:

We will continue to make payments to bloggers for outstanding amounts. As always we remain committed to supporting Bloggers. We will continue to make every effort to see that everyone is paid what they are owed. We know and we understand how difficult this is for all of you, as LoudLaunch staff (including the owner) have voluntarily given up their salaries over the past several months in an effort to ensure our bloggers were being paid what was owed to them. As you know, our changes have seen good results over the past months.

We have detailed records of what each blogger is owed, and will continue to pay out what is owed as funds are available.

While it is sad to see a potential avenue to make money close their doors hopefully it will not be something that spreads.

Where you a member of LoudLaunch? What are your thoughts on them?

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