Lessons That I Have Learnt From 2009

2009 has come and gone, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, and I was sitting at my desk wondering what lessons I have learnt from the past twelve months. Even the most experienced bloggers will have learnt at least one thing a year.

Here is what I have learnt.

Don’t Rush Into Buying Sites

A couple of months ago I bought this blog, along with a collection of others, and to be honest the sale almost didn’t happen.

Earlier in the year I bought a web site from somebody who had written false information about the stats of their site and I believed them and rushed in and handed over the money for it. I haven’t made a profit on that site yet.

When the opportunity came along to buy this blog I was very cautious and went over every single aspect of the stats that the owner had given me, just to be extra sure it was all true. I was almost too cautious and someone else almost took the collection of blogs from under my nose.

If You Don’t Put In Effort Your Income & Traffic Will Suffer

I guess this is a bit of a simple thing to understand. But when I first started it was something that I thought people only said and that I never really happened.

There have been a couple of gaps where content has been very slow coming out of me and it shows in the traffic stats and, more importantly, in my PayPal and bank accounts.

What I’ve started doing is stock-piling articles for the days when I can’t write anything. That way, hopefully, there won’t be as many of these gaps as before.

The MMO Niche Is Full Of People Willing To Scam You

I have only been in this niche for a couple of years but it was not until 2009 that I really found out just how many people in this niche are happy to scam you, rip you off and generally talk a lot of rubbish.

They all have the same agenda: to sell you their product and wares. That is why I have had to scale down plugging my personal Twitter and Facebook profiles because people would add me and them spam me in the hope I’d buy their new e-book or product.

What have you learnt from 2009?

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