Layering your Online Marketing for Maximum Effect

One way we can build up our link profile (and therefore appear higher in Google search engine results, and make more money!) is to build link-bait.  This is a slightly overused term, but can essentially be anything on one’s site that will entice people to link to your site.  This can be in the form of an excellent article, new research, tools or even special offers on products and services.

The building of link-bait can be a long-haul process.  Depending on your niche and how well you know your customers, then perhaps only one in ten of your link-bait efforts will take off with any great steam, and it can sometimes be the one you least expect.  However, to give your link-bait any kind of chance, you are going to need to prop it up with a mini-campaign of its own.

Ensure your link-bait is as good as it can be, and publish it on your site.  Ensure there are easy means for people to send it to others directly from your site, in the form of re-tweets, or email links, or bookmarking social network sites – whatever best fits your needs.  These buttons have become quite commonplace on websites, and as such do not appear particularly cloying.

Next, you are going to want to get some powerful links to seed the link-bait.  You may have powerful contacts in your niche that you can email.  If you are sure your link-bait is going to be killer, it is sometimes worth using PR sites such as, which guarantee you some long-lasting high quality links for a price.  You can get some pretty impressive exposure if you’re willing to pay through the nose for it, and if you are lucky and have chosen your link-bait well, then it will explode into a plethora of links and potential new business.  Writing supporting articles on article networks is also a possibility.

Sometimes a network of ghost accounts on prominent forums in your niche highlighting the new link-bait is useful.  This can be in the form of official ‘spokesperson’ accounts (which run the risk of sounding like an advertisement and may not be allowed at or), or in the form of anonymous users (which run the risk of hurting your brand if your minor deception is found out).

Finally, spread the word through social networking, gaining some definite easy links, and hopefully some huge ones.  In this layered approach you will receive the maximum benefit from each link-bait created on your website.

Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web, who are an AdWords company and offer SEO Bristol

Image by Kevin King(Chandana Perera) from Pixabay

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