Keep Away From RichPTC

I like to think that I am the kind of person who is willing to give just about anybody and any company the benefit of the doubt. I like to think that adopting this kind of attitude is imperative if you want to find ways of making money on the internet.

I’d heard of PTC web sites before but had never looked into them until about six months ago I joined one called RichPTC. They claimed to pay you $1 for looking at each advert, $10 for signing up to a site referred by them and would payout once you hit $1,000.

I knew that the $1 per ad was most likely a bit of an exaggeration, after all what company would pay over $1 to a company in exchange for one person viewing their web site?

Every day I put a couple of minutes aside to clicks the ads and within a couple of months I had built up the $1,000 minimum that I needed. I requested payout. I was slightly deflated to see it would take 60 working days.

It has now been about four months since I requested payment and not only have they not paid me but they ignore emails and a quick search on Google shows that sadly I am not alone. There are many tales of how they have scammed people.

They have a list on their site of people they have paid. None of them people have received their payment and searching on Google reveals them saying this. Some have never even joined the network in the first place!

I have given up on expecting them to pay me and I urge anyone thinking about joining them to steer well clear of them.

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