July 2013 Blog Income Report

Every month since November 2007 I have written an income report which documents all the methods I have used to make money over the past month, I do this because I want to help people to make money online like I do and believe that showing people what I earn is the best way to get them interested. Unlike other blogs I will list EVERY method that pays me, whether it is big Bucks or only a couple of Cents.

When I first started this I made just over $5 in my first month, now although I don’t put in as many hours as I should I am making $100s in what could be considered “spare time”.

Visitor Count & Page Impressions

The unique visitor count for July stands at 50,415, which is a massive increase of 21,618 from the month of June.

The page impression count for July stands at 137,752, which is a HUGE increase of 56,591 from the month of June.

On average each visitor looked at 2.72 and the bounce rate has increased slightly from 29.76% to 32.79%.

– I obviously underestimated myself when I mentioned last month that I didn’t think I could improve my traffic, I went and increased both unique and impression by a good few thousand, this is what happens when I knuckle down. :)

Show Me The Money!

CPMFun = $0.80 (+$0.09)
CPMLeader = I have no idea, they don’t offer a proper report.
Epom = $0.00 (-$0.01)
Fidelity Media (AdJuggler = $1.04 (+$1.04)
Forum Posting = $20.36 (-$1.74)
Freelance Writing = $479.65 (-$23.61)
Loan Repayments = $0.75 (+$0.00)
Passive Income = $8.82 (-$0.55)
Private Advertising = $52.87 (+ 38.02)
PulsePoint (AdsDaq) = $0.82 (-$1.13)
Smowtion = $0.06 (-$0.16)
Sponsored Posts = $247.00 (+$124.69)
UnderDog = $0.05 (Re-added)
Yahoo Bing Network = $1.51 (-$0.50)

Total = $813.73 (+$118.29)

– As of now I have removed Epom from the blog as I have sent them well over 200,000 impressions and they have paid me a very insulting $0.01.

– Pulse Point emailed me during the middle of last month to inform me that they blog is not good enough to remain in their network, so on August 15th they are kicking me out.

– Very pleased to see that the income is starting to rise, if only it would rise as sharply as the traffic stats are. :D

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find this blog on search engines.

1. http://ineeddiscipline.com/
2. add pac man to your website
3. cash for cars blog posting
4. how to make a weekend fun without money
5. how to write more professionally

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5 Top Site Referrals

The top five sites that sent the most visitors to this blog.

1. Google.com
2. matthewwoodward.co.uk
3. Twitter.com
4. bloggerspassion.com
5. publicityclerks.com

Top 10 Commenters

This is just my little way of saying thank you to the people who take the time to comment on this blog. Without you guys it would be just me rambling away. :)

1. Amrish (4)
2. Glass Wool Insulation Delhi (3)
3. Property Marbella (3)
4. Shameem (3)
5. Aniexty (2)
6. Celebrities Jewellery (2)
7. Michael Moers (2)
8. Mike Dernerk (2)
9. Sun City Thiruvallur (2)
10. Teeth Whitening (2)

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