July 2008 Blog Income Report

I can not believe that another month has passed us by already, I remarked in June’s report that I thought that the month of June had passed us by at an extraordinary pace but it seems that July has done so in almost as speedy a fashion.

Although I had to plan my little weekend away (which I thoroughly enjoyed and you can read about it on my main blog Dean Saliba Dot Com) I did manage to get my head down and put some effort into making some money this last month to spend on that little weekend away.

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

Page Views

Last month I said to myself that I really do need to start putting more of an effort into making I this blog as big as my main blog at Dean Saliba Dot Com, if you look I only post a couple of times a month which is really not going to work.

This month the number stands at 4,368 which is a decrease of 3,071 from last month.

Unique Visitors

The pageviews were not the only things falling as the unique visitors came tumbling down as well. What did I expect though when I take hardly any time to post here these days?

This month the number stands at 2,894, which is a decrease of 312.

This means that each visitor looked at an average of 1.5 pages each.

Number Crunching

Adbite: $0.22 (-$0.22)
Adsense: $9.70 (+$2.68)
Clicksor: $2.17 (+$0.09)
Reviews: $272.51 (+$115.50)

Total: $284.60 (+$115.79)

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find my blog on search engines.

1. i need discipline
2. pacific
3. discipline needs
4. bloggersreview.com
5. http://vivianbailey.00bp.com/makemone56/

Five Most Popular Posts

The five most popular articles in the last calendar month.

1. 19 Blog Review Networks
2. Pacific Poker Just Got Better
3. Custom Essays
4. 888 Adds Even More Games
5. 1 Down 18 To Go

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