January 2008 Blog Income Report

Well it is that time of the month again as at the first day of the month hundreds of blogs around the internet provide very public details of how much money they have earned during the past calendar month.

I started this as a little side project in November to determine if it was at all possible to earn proper money on the internet as many other people have claimed to have done before me.

January is the most important month for bloggers earning an income as it normally sets the tone for the rest of the year.

I can happily say that January has been my best month so far. Please note that I have only been doing this for three months now so my amounts may seem lower than others who have been doing it for years.

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

The unique visitor count for January stands at 10,418, which is a great increase of 3,454 from the month of December.

The page impression count for January stands at 16,920, which is a massive increase of 5,599 from the month of December.

Money Money Money!

Adbrite = $0.09 (+$0.04)
Adsense = $2.88 (+$1.62)
Reviews = $288.75 (+$215.90)

Total = $291.72 (+$218.87)

– After using Bidvertiser for three months solid now I have decided that the results are very poor and I will not be using them again on this blog. Some may like them but they did not produce one relevant advert to my blog in the three months I used them.

– I no longer use Clicksor on this blog as they decided that pulling in over triple their required monthly impression requirement (5,000, this month we went over the 16,000 mark) still meant that I did not meet their requirements with the monthly minimum requirement of 5,000 … work that one out.

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