It Took Negative Publicity for Blog Distributor to Finally Acknowledge Me

I wrote a post in May about Blog Distributor not paying me and ignoring my emails, I mentioned how I had not been paid for a task that I had completed in July 2011 and that every month they just moved the pay date forward a month. I wanted to make sure once and for all if they were indeed a scam or if I had just been ‘unfortunate’.

I was searching Google, for other bloggers suffering the same fate as me, when I noticed that there was a company distributing a press release saying they had gone into partnership with Blog Distributor, I checked the company out (ActSeed) and the first article I read on their site was about making sure you go into business with a trustworthy company.

How ironic.

I found them on Twitter and on Facebook and posted the following message to both of their pages:

A couple of days later I received a reply from someone who runs their Facebook account saying they had passed my complaint onto someone at Blog Distributor. I wasn’t really holding out much hope that anything would happen as I had emailed their customer support over a dozen times within the last six months and had been ignored.

Within an hour of me receiving that reply I had an email from a CEO of Blog Distributor Inc.

The email was rather rude:

“I am assuming that your complaint is about not getting paid. Our payment policy clearly states that bloggers outside of the United States get paid when they accumulate $100. in billings. You have only accumulated $72. in billings due. You should not be complaining about not getting paid when you have not met the standard billing amount.”

I was confused about this as I have read their terms and rules so many times that I could probably recite them without having to load up the page. I checked their page straight away and low and behold they have tacked on this rule at the end. Pay-Per-Post did this to me once when they owed me money, they cleared my account and said I was mistaken.

So they say they will pay me when I hit the $100 mark? Well I have some good news, I have hit that mark so on September 4th they should be paying me $136.

Part of me is hoping that they will, but there is a big part of me that isn’t holding his breath.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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