Is Smorty The Next Sponsored Post Network To Fall?

Smorty were the first sponsored post network that I joined back in November 2007, I still remember the sheer joy as I received an email from PayPal informing me that Smorty had paid me $6 for writing my very first review.

Because they were my first sponsored post network I have always stuck with them through the years and would even turn work away from other networks if I already had something to write with Smorty.

Sadly Smorty seems to be dying a slow and very painful death. Their message board is full of spam and pleas from members wanting review opps, their blog hasn’t been touched since November 2009 and they have not released any review opps for over two years.

I’m not sure what happened because they started out really well.

Review opps are about $6-$8 a go and the higher your page rank the more you are paid. The only downside is that a lot of the review opps might not be relevant to your blog niche. If you have no problem writing about credit cards or an oxford singles web site then that’s fine.

Having a blog accepted is rather tricky as they are incredibly strict with their guidelines. When they accept your blog you must complete five offers before they allow you to submit a second blog. Each additional blog you wish to submit means having to complete five offers.

And don’t think you can delete a blog and expect to instantly replace it, I found this out the hard way and had to complete five blog posts before they would let me submit the blog back again.

The first thing I noticed when I joined them was that you can only take one offer at a time. So you must write the blog post, submit it and then hope the other offers are still around, most of the time they will have all gone. They claim that this is for two reasons:

1. To stop people taking too many reviews and ruining their page rank and blog.

2. It stops people hogging all the reviews and means more bloggers get the offers.

I’m not sure I agree with this but I can sort of see where they are coming from.

They also offer a post exchange scheme. The premise of this is that while you are waiting for new offers to be displayed you can swap free blogs posts with other members. It is meant to randomly generate a blog for you and that person will write a post about your blog and you do the same about theirs.

I say random, it just showed me the same blog over and over again. And normally it is a spammy blog that I don’t wish to promote on any of my blogs. Plus the other person NEVER writes a blog post in return so you are pretty much giving a spammy blog some free publicity on your blog with nothing in return.

I do like the look of their referral program. I always say that passive income referral systems are the best. You earn 5% of what a blogger earns, when they sign up under you, for life. Obviously to earn anything they have to be actively completing offers.

I have six people signed up under me, three of them have approved blogs but I haven’t earnt anything yet. Sadly with the way things are looking I doubt I will.

– Pay a little bit more than other networks
– Pay out every two weeks
– They have a referral scheme

– Their post exchange scheme is not worth taking part in.
– They seem to be dead as no offers seen in over two years.
– Topics are not relevant to your blog

Maybe this year Smorty will surprise us all and come out with a new design and start dishing out the offers again.

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