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Some people might be aware (well, only if you read my personal blog over at that I have become involved in the running of a semi-pro football club based here in the United Kingdom. I am still a player for the club, but at the age of 31 I’m sort of moving away as the younger guys come through.

But I did something this week that I think might have been a sweet deal on my part.

By the end of July I will have given Bethnal Green Celtic (the club in question) the sum of £200 since they formed earlier this year.

In return for this they will have the name of this blog and the URL printed onto their football shirts. Not only that but a couple of banners promoting this blog will be placed in high view on their official web site and their Facebook group page.

During the season the team will:

  • Play around 35/40 league games.
  • Play in 2 or 3 cup competitions.
  • Will have write-ups & pictures done for local newspapers and websites.

On top of the above, at this level most football clubs will wear the same kit for more than one season so I will get the advertising for maybe two seasons at the very least.

I think I got a pretty sweet deal. What do you think?

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