Increasing Approval Rating For GPT Sites

Get paid to fill in forms sites are a great way to earn some extra money. I personally have earned enough money from them last year to help me pay for a weekend break that I had.

I have seen lots of people complaining on blogs and message boards that they have filled in the offers and have had them declined. Sadly they do not tell you why your offer has been declined so you have to do your own detective work.

The best thing you can do is to try and cover as many angles as possible in order to minimalise the event of them declining your offer. I have listed a couple of tips below to help you. it is not full proof, as some advertisers are incredibly picky, but it means I get about 97% of offers I fill in approved.

Let Each Page Load Fully

Some people rush through the pages in order to get the offer finished as soon as possible. This is a reason why a lot of offers filled in correctly are rejected. You need to let every page load which only takes about 30 seconds each time.

Leave The Final Page Open For A Couple Of Minutes

Once you have completed the offer do not close the page and then click ‘Completed’ I have found that leaving the final page open for a couple of minutes then closing it and clicking the ‘Completed’ button improves my chance of having the offer approved.

Use The Same Information That Is In Your Profile

I am pretty sure that they look at the information you put into a form and then look at the information you put in your profile. So make sure you use the same details to help boost your chances.

What Do You Do If Your Offer Is Rejected?

If you discover that an offer has been rejected then do not get too upset or downhearted for there will be an opportunity for you to resubmit the offer at a later date.

Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic!

Don’t get angry and fire off an email to the web site and demand an explanation. For a start they won’t give you one because the advertiser does not tell them why they have declined your offers.

Can You Remember The Mistake?

There might be a chance that you will know what you did wrong. Did you not do what was requested on the offer? Maybe you were a bit quick not letting the pages load? Did you enter different information than is listed in your profile?

All worth thinking about.

Try Doing It Again With A Different Email

Sometimes when an offer is rejected you will not be able to re-apply for that offer again because the advertiser has your email address listed with them. The way around this is to use a different email address.

I hope that you find these little tips helpful. By using them I have seen my earnings increase nicely and I only fill in the free offers. :)

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