I’m Holding Out For A Guest Blogger ‘Till The End Of The Night

Firstly let me apologise for the awful title of this post, I was listening to a song by Bonnie Tyler (Holding Out For A Hero) when I was writing this post and the title just kept sticking into my head and would not budge.

Don’t worry, this post is not about an old 80s singer that you have probably never heard of. This post is about how to find guest bloggers for your blog.

I am slowly turning into a fan of guest blogging. As someone who finds it difficult to find motivation to post on my blog I have found guest bloggers to be a God send. When I am struggling to come up with a post, for whatever reason, I simply publish a guest post.

Why Guest Blogging Is Good For You

  • It is great for when you are unable to produce any content yourself.
  • Sometimes it is good for your readers to read a post from a different view point.
  • When a guest blogger makes a guest post they will normally promote it on their blog and social media account, thus sending you traffic.

Why Guest Blogging Is Good For Them

  • They will leave a link to their site in the post, thus gaining more links.
  • Leaving a link means more traffic for their site.
  • They have the opportunity to have their posts read by a new bunch of readers.

I have listed five ways that I use to find guest bloggers for my blogs. I hope they help.

1. Join the Blogger LinkUp Newsletter

This is a newsletter that I joined only recently and it is full of bloggers and is a great place to find people to exchange guest posts with, you write a guest post for them and they do one for you. Probably not a good option if you are not looking to write guest posts as you might come over as a leech.

2. Contact People Via Your Twitter And Facebook Accounts

If you have a decent amount of followers on Facebook and Twitter then you could look through the lists and start communicating with those that run blogs in your niche. After a bit of contact you could invite them to write a guest post on a certain topic.

Butter them up a bit and say how much your readers will love to read his/her post.

3. Join MyBlogGuest

I love this site so much! It is full of people who want to write guest posts and do not want anything in return except a link back to them in the post. I have used them a few times and each time I have come away with more than enough guest posts to last me.

4. Visit Forums On Your Niche

You should sign up for message boards such as Digital Point and v7n and check out the sections where you will find a few members looking to offer guest posts for your blog in return for a link back to their site.

I will say that you should exercise caution when going through this route, I have come across a few people who steal content and pass it off as their own.

5. Search Google

I wasn’t going to include this on the list but a couple of people have mentioned that they have found some success finding guest bloggers this way. It might be more time consuming searching through Google than the others. I’d leave this as a last resort personally. :)

If you have any other ideas on how to find guest bloggers then we’d love to hear them. :)

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