How to Make Money Writing Essays for Lazy Students

One of the things that I have discovered over my eight year money making journey is that there are just so many different ways for you to make an income online, even if you don’t have any particular skills there are plenty of ways to still make a living from the internet. Essentially all you need is a computer, an internet connection and plenty of motivation, I love how ways there are to make money online these days.

One method of making money online I’d like to mention is essay writing.

College and university is meant to be about studying, but many students indulge in the party lifestyle that higher education brings a little too much and this can mean they do not have the time to write their essays. Due to this there are a growing number of essay writing services online and as the amount of clients increases they are clambering for writers to join their ranks.

Now, lets be honest here, not everybody is going to be able to take advantage of this kind of venture because you need to have a very high standard of writing ability to write an essay and this is something that not many people are going to possess. You will also be required to hold a great deal of knowledge about a particular subject, and the general rule of thumb is that the more subjects you can cover then the better it is for you and the more assignments you will be assigned.

The kind of price range you can expect to earn from one of these sites can differentiate depending on what site you opt to register with, the prices have dropped a bit in the past year or so due to more and more of these services popping up and joining the market, thus creating more competition. But from my initial research I have determined that you can earn anything from $50 for a basic essay, right up to $1000 for a more in-depth thesis, although even now these prices might have gone down a bit more.

So if you believe that you have the high writing ability that is required in order to join a writing service like this then why not give it a try? Most sites only insist on you sitting a quick exam which consists of you writing an essay and maybe answering some questions to test your grammar skills.

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