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People have a lot of advice when it comes to making money. Some go for the “make $900 in a day” ads and others buy shares from the dodgy guy living under the bridge (don’t do it Dan!). I made a different choice after trying and failing and, after quite a few attempts, I started leaning toward the idea of working with stocks and shares.

The thing that I did learn from all of my money making schemes is that there are some guidelines you should follow, and hopefully my advice will save you from wasted time and unnecessary hardships.

Strengths and Weaknesses

If you want to make some money you shouldn’t make the mistakes I did. Do some great soul searching to determine what your weak points and strong points are. Doesn’t sound like much but this exercise will help you determine whether you are likely to succeed at making extra cash on the side or not.

When you know your strong and weak points you will be able to narrow down the type of job or opportunity you should invest in.


Before starting with your side business or money making scheme, be sure to read and do some research. You should know what you are getting yourself into and what will be expected from you. Take classes if you need to gain extra skills and practice every turn you get to improve what you want to do.

Enjoy it!

I have seen people and myself lose interest after a few days of throwing themselves into their project to make more money. That’s why steps one and two are so important – to determine if you are going to enjoy the work you will be going into.

Time Management

The last tip I want to give is that you need to sit down and schedule when you will be working on this project. You’ll get out what you put into your project but don’t burn yourself out, make some time for yourself to relax and set aside time for friends and family. Nobody wants to be rich and have no friends in the end – real friends anyway.

As for me, I went through my trials and tribulations to get to where I am today. You don’t get rich quick unless you design a social media giant and sell it for millions, marry Donald trump or win the lotto. Put your back into it and you’ll be surprised how successful you will become, oh and rich!

Ruan Smit is an experienced content writer who enjoys explaining how to create mt4 demo account and also how the real metatrader 4 works for people interested in online forex trading

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