How I Make Money from the Comments on my Blog

What truly amazes me about the internet is the amount of different ways people have come up with to make money online, I read recently about a company that makes a heck of a lot of money selling plots in heaven! How they manage to get away with that is something I still can’t figure out.

For the past three months I have been making money from the comments that were published on my old I Need Discipline blog and I am still making money from the comments that get published on my personal blog.

The company I have been using is called PostLinks.

They are a company who sell the following:

  • Guest Posts
  • Text Links
  • Blog Comments

Guest Posts

I have found the guest posts to be of very poor quality, they have either been poorly spun articles lifted from sites like Ezine Articles or they are 20-50 word posts with their link inserted. If you are willing to trawl through the ones that are automatically posted on your blog (you can delete them from your PostLink account) then you will find the odd decent one hidden away.

Text Links

I don’t know where they insert the text links, it certainly isn’t in plain view like in the sidebar, but I do know that the blogs I have sold them on they have broken my theme on the pages they have been sold on.

Blog Comments

Although the blog comments are generic, they don’t look as out of place as some of the comments we find on our blogs on a daily basis. My blogs are no-follow anyway so they are not going to get me into trouble with Google.

You receive credits for each guest post/text link/blog comment that you publish, the amount of credits you earn for each transaction depends on what Page Rank your blog is.

So for each blog comment that I was accepting on I Need Discipline I was receiving 10 credits and each one published on my personal blog was earning me 5. I end up with about 1700 credits and generate about $5, the figure is based on me deploying a 30-day cut off on my posts so someone with no cut off could make significantly more.

It might not appeal to everyone, but to many it is another avenue to explore to make money online.

Do you already use PostLinks? What do you think of a company paying you for blog commenting?

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