Goodbye PayPerPost

A lot of people who read this blog on a regular basis will be aware that I have been moving away from using PayPerPost due to the way that they treat their bloggers and the way they basically run their company.

Today I was asked by another review network that I am part of to choose between them and PayPerPost, as I am assuming they have suffered some problems due to having blogs that offer reviews from them and PayPerPost.

It was a no-brainer for me. I had been told that my blog was a load of shit by PayPerPost, so I visited their site and saw that I was still owed $14.00. I know it is not a lot, but they owed it to me, so I sent them an email politely asking them if they could tell me when it would be paid.

They sent me an auto reply saying it would be sent 30 days after the post was approved. This confused me slightly as the last post I had done was approved 194 days ago, so they were late by about 164 days.

I sent them a second email disclosing my confusion and they replied to me to say that they had checked their records and claimed that I was not owed any money. After rechecking my account low and behold the $14.00 had magically disappeared.

I neglected to take a screen cap of the site so I have no option but to let it drop. But I’m glad that I am no longer going to use a company that would try and con a blogger out of money they had earned by following the rules.

I have been told that I might have made the correct decision to leave PayPerPost as they are now allowing advertisers to charge merely $0.50 for 200 word reviews. I’m not sure who is stupider, PayPerPost for letting advertiser do it or the bloggers who snap them up.

Goodbye PayPerPost and go fuck yourself!

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