Giving Up My Office Job to Become a Poker Dealer

Coming from an office background and working with computers all day I needed a change in career so when I went down to the local workplace in Newham they gave me the offer to apply for a job in the casino opening in Stratford’s new shopping mail, it was called the first super casino, I didn’t know what to expect when I went for the interview but I got the job and all I had to get through was training and I would be in. I had only played online before with sites like and

Turning up to training thank god that everyone else there were trainees as well but unlucky for the manager a lot of them didn’t even know how to play, I knew how to play but it was the dealing and chip handing and all the rules I needed to know and get my head around. But it went well and with training over the real pressure was to come with opening night and I was thrown in at the deep end with working the late shift but it went well even when I was bricking it.

But I would like to thank everyone who helped me get through that first week and I just like to say not all poker players are up their own backside.

Now that I have been a poker dealer for 7 months I have learned a lot and I know there is much more I have to learn, not just from the staff and management around me but from the players as well, as its more about customer service than anything else as you have to remember you are sat there with up to 9 players and if you treat them rude they will just return the it to you and that is something you really don’t want to happen as you don’t know how long you will be sat at that table for as you never know just how many players will feel like playing poker on any given day so when you are unstaffed then you may as well get settled as you will be at the table for a long time although depending on what table you are at depends on if the time at the table will fly by.

When you get to a new table you can tell within a couple of hands who has been in a casino before or who has been playing online there whole poker career as getting the chance just to sit there and watch players has they play their game it gives you a chance to look at the way that each player plays their hands and I would never give away their secrets as that wouldn’t be fair as I am there to deal cards not to give away how people play there games plus who knows one day I may have to use them against them if I ever come up against them on a card table.

Working in the only super casino in the UK there is an added pressure on your shoulders as the players expect more from the dealers and the more bigger players will come to the casino and the dealers could be the reason they don’t come and no one wants to be that dealer no one wants to make players think again about coming back to where they work.

The following was a guest post by Wayne Saliba.

Image by Naomy Quiñones from Pixabay

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