February 2013 Blog Income Report

I have been very naughty during February by taking quite a bit of time off. I was not feeling too well and it took a bit of time to shake it off so I only managed a maximum of about two weeks worth of work. If I’m being honest I wasn’t exactly in a hurry to get back to work.

Visitor Count & Page Impressions

The unique visitor count for February stands at 1,015, which is a decrease of 258 from the month of January.

The page impression count for February stands at 2,450, which is a decrease of 518 from the month of January.

– I am not surprised the traffic dropped as I only worked for about two weeks at the most

Show Me The Money

Clicksor = $1.98 (Readded)
CPMFun = $0.06 (-$0.02)
Fidelity Media (AdJuggler) = $0.11 (-$0.02)
Forum Posting = $23.90 (-$31.49)
Freelance Writing = $401.40 (+$1.40)
Loan Repayments = $0.72 (-$0.04)
Passive Income = $10.05 (-$12.87)
Private Advertising = $0.00 (+/-$0.00)
PulsePoint (AdsDaq) = $0.28 (+$0.04)
Savings Account = $0.20 (+$0.20)
Smowtion = $0.12 (-$0.71)
Sponsored Posts = $59.50 (-$33.00)
Underdog Media = $0.00 (-$0.18)

Total = $498.32 (-$75.14)

– Since Adbrite ceased I decided to give Clicksor another chance and have been rather pleased with the initial outcome so far.

– I dropped income in a lot of areas due to me only working for a maximum of two weeks.

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find this blog on search engines.

1. ecommerce blogs for guest blogging
2. passive income success stories six figures authority site
3. Addmefast
4. addmefast review
5. adsense ready blogger

– I’m not sure how long I will be including this in my report because Google has a policy of not providing data on keywords if the person is signed into one of their Google sites, this month 66.37% of my keywords were hidden.

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5 Top Site Referrals

The top five sites that sent the most visitors to this blog.

1. Google
2. bloggerspassion.com
3. techknol.net
4. Bing
5. selbstaendig-im-netz.de

– I am pleased to see that I Google and Bing and gone storming back into the top five and I am firmly putting this down to the installation of the SEO plugin I’m using.

Top 10 Commenters

This is just my little way of saying thank you to the people who take the time to comment on this blog. Without you guys it would be just me rambling away. :)

1. Colocation (4)
2. Forex Trading (4)
3. Pay Day Loan (4)
4. Property Marbella (4)
5. Astrology (3)
6. Priya N (3)
7. Seo Blog (3)
8. Divorce Help World (2)
9. Golf Course (2)
10. Hair Regrow (2)

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