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One of my big jobs on this blog (apart from publishing content) is to go through the comments and try and weed out the spammers (not always an easy task as it is becoming more and more difficult to find them all these days) and the one thing that I have noticed is a lot of people come to this blog looking for loan advice.

It is not just the comments that are left that leads me to this conclusion, when I am looking through the traffic stats to compile the monthly blog income report I can see a nice chunk of people are coming to this blog by typing in loan search terms into Google.

I stumbled upon eLoanPersonal last year while writing an article for an online journal about the influx of online loan companies that have sprung up recently and every now and again I have come into contact with them.

When people decide that they must turn to a loan company it is normally something they do because they feel that they have no other option left to try out. They have tried working for the money, dipping into their savings, borrowing form friends and family members and even selling off unwanted items.

A lot of these people have one thing in common; well they will probably have quite a few things in common but the one thing I am talking about is a bad credit rating. This would normally mean that the door to a lot of loan companies is promptly slammed shut in their faces.

But there are now a small growing number of companies who are offering personal loans with no credit checks so if you have a bad credit history then you can still get a loan, although I think that these types of loans will come at a higher APR due to higher risk to the companies.

Do not rush in and go with the first company that you find on Google though, for something as serious and important as this it is imperative that you take your time and stake out which companies to avoid like the plague and which ones are the good ones. Luckily eLoanPersonal are one of the top subprime personal loan lenders on the internet today.

I’ve done your research for you.

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